GANZ NEW FESTIVAL, September 8-18, 2011 @ Studentski centar Zagreb


After a difficult but eventful season in the cultural domain, Student Centre – Culture of Change, is ready to present another quality project to the audiences in Zagreb. A ganz new project. 

In the liveliest space in town, Teatar &TD, from September 8-18th we’ll present some of the new faces in the art world and their works under the common denominator “Ganz New Festival: The Festival of Developmental Theater“.

Around thirty artists and cultural managers from Belgium, France, Croatia, Germany, Slovenia and Great Britain will present ten projects during the ten-day festival.

The intrinsic value of this project is based on developing a steady base for future collaborative projects and exchange programs, as well as ensuring a platform for showcasing new artists, those whose time is yet to come.

Ganz New Festival is one of the many festivals that are currently taking place in Zagreb’s cultural domain. This one of course, is different, completely new. Besides being ganz new it also presents ganz new names in the performing arts. In short, Ganz New Festival is focusing on younger population and attempting to discover new names and trends, without reverting to already established artists and practices, as most other Croatian festivals do.

The Festival will include:



B) YOUNG CROATIAN AUTHORS -- &TD repeated performances!


2. SAY MORE! – Several young experts and creative minds will present their work following a similar concise and prearranged form of presentation.

3. NIGEL CHARNOCK: TOTAL THEATER- Nigel Charnock will hold his workshop in Croatia for the first time. The results of the extensive four-day workshop will be presented on the final day of the festival.


As part of the Young Belgian Authors Cycle author Leentje Vandenbussche will present her project “All & Nothing”. After spending the last four years tackling the topics of “All” and “Nothing” the author has distilled her experience into two participatory performances,  „Beckett in His Place“ and „O (All Is Possible. / All Is Good.)“ telling us how Everything is actually (and literally) in our hands. Halory Goerger, a French performer working in France and Belgium toys with the idea of variation in his show „Métrage Variable“ in order to speak out on the notions of taking a stance in the question of aesthetics. Lilia Mestre, a Portuguese performing artist based in Brussels will present an interactive audio performance made in collaboration with Els Viaene that explores the possibilities of creating a performing space through the use of sounds and objects, making an impact on the viewer without setting a linear narrative, space or frame of proper conduct. Rounding up the cycle of Belgian performances is the visual show „Springville“ by Belgian multimedia and theater artist Miet Warlop. In this work she stubbornly searches for new ways of using objects that have become so commonplace their potential seems completely exhausted. However, as you will witness in the show, they still have a lot of inherent potential.

Ganz New Festival has, through the “&TD in Residence” program supported Julian Hetzel’s and Mala Kline’s show „The Nerd & the Bird: Amplyfing the subcutaneous”. This work-in-progress which brings us back to the notions of the body as the promised land will be shown at the festival.

The program is additionally enriched with repeated performances by some of Croatia’s most successful young authors. Shown are Oliver Frljić‘s newest play I hate the truth!“,  &TD’s European collaborative play Victims of Geography 2 – Return of the Victim“, by Miran Kurspahić and Rona Žulj, as well as Plumber“, one of the most interesting Croatian music stage productions in recent years, by Natalija Manojlović and Gordan Tudor.

Even after taking full advantage of what the main program of the Festival has to offer, you will be able to enjoy the side program with live concerts and dj-s. My Buddy Moose, a band from Rijeka will start off the Festival, while Leut Magnetic from Split will close the event.


***The Festival is supported by Vlaamse Ministerie van Cultuur, Jeugd, Sport en Media, British Council Croatia, the French Institute in Zagreb. It is part of the „APAP-Performing Europe“ project conducted with the support of the EU – Culture Programme 2007-2013.



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